Shell Green and cemetery

Shell Green was situated 300 m up on a sloping cotton field and overlooking the Aegean Sea. It was not frequently used because it was under direct observation from high positions on the Turkish front line and it was subject to heavy shelling. It took its name from the frequency with which it was shelled. Shell Green was the only flat land within the Anzac perimeter. Soon after the landing, Australian engineers put in place the road which winds up the hills.

On 15 April 1915 Shell Green area was captured by the Australian infantry, but remained near to the Turkish front line. It was used from May to December, 1915. In the cemetery hundreds of crosses are visible. It was originally two cemeteries but more graves were brought here after armistice and two were combined and enlarged. Today there are 418 burials here and 409 of them are World War I burials (408 soldiers from Australia, 1 from UK), 11 are unidentified. Shell Green cemetery covers a 2,750 sq yards area.

Shell Green is famous place with the game of cricket which was played by Australian soldiers on 17th December, 1915.