150 gram (1 cup) plain flour

90 gram (1 cup) rolled oats

85 gram (1 cup) desiccated coconut (Actually original war time Anzac biscuits did not include coconut.)

155 gram (3/4 cup) brown sugar

125 gram butter

2 table spoon golden syrup

1 tea spoon bicarbonate soda

As a first sift the flour in a large bowl and stir in the coconut, brown sugar and oats. Melt butter and syrup together. Mix boiling water with soda and add it to the melted butter and syrup. Later, pour butter mixture into flour mixture and stir till combined. As a last roll into small balls and flatten on oven tray before bake it. About 15 minutes bake biscuits at 150 C or 300 F. Let cool and serve. Anzac biscuits smell nice and they are chewy. Decorating them is not common. More golden syrup makes them chewier.