Friendship between Anzacs and Turks

Before the Gallipoli Battle Turks and Anzacs had never been in contact with each other neither in political or economical issues and for the first time they faced each other for at the Gallipoli battle. During the Battle, restrained fraternization took place between the two sides with Anzac and Turkish soldiers exchanging token gifts of photographs and cigarettes. They shared food and sometimes communicated each other. Even on the field of the war the spirit of human kind is maintained above everything. A friendly attitude developed between Turks and Anzacs during the gentlemanly war. Since the end of the Gallipoli Battle, Australians, New Zealanders and Turks have given the message that fraternity and peace are the most important and valuable things on the world.

Today Turks, Australians and New Zealanders stand beside each other. They have a strong and friendly relationship. For a peaceful, secure and prosperous world they work together.

Today it is possible to see the statue of Ataturk beside the New Zealand National Memorial at Chunuk Bair Gallipoli. This is the symbol of the friendship between two countries today.

Every year, on 24-25 April, the battle of Gallipoli is commemorated in Gallipoli peninsula, Turkey with a wide participation from Australia and New Zealand. It is a very important and also meaningful day for Turks and Anzacs and it is definitely a symbol of peace, understanding and forgiveness. The Turk- Anzac spirit will continue with its ties of respect and friendship which unite Turkey, Australia & New Zealand forever.