Australian General Sir John Monash

He was born in Melbourne in 27 June, 1865 and he was the son of German Jewish parents. When World War I broke out in 1914, Australian Imperial Force (AIF) was formed and he was put in command of the 4th Brigade in Egypt. In 1915, his brigade participated in the disastrous Gallipoli campaign against to Turks (Ottoman Army). Initially his brigade defended the line which was between Courtney’s post and Pope’s hill. He had organizational ability so he was promoted to brigadier general here. The disaster of his military career was to try to capture hill 971 in Gallipoli and to get his troops through poorly mapped mountains terrain to the battle. They became disoriented and many soldiers were lost and attack was failed. This resulted in disaster. They could not defeat the Turkish forces on Gallipoli Peninsula. His only successful assault during the Gallipoli battle was the attack on Hill 60.