Ari Burnu and cemetery

Although some boats were carried 200 m further north of Ari burnu (Bee Point), the first assault troops in 36 boats landed around Ari burnu. On 25th of April, at 04:30 hours Australian Infantry from Queensland, South Australian, Western Australian, Tasmanian landed along coastal area. Beside weapons each soldier carried 200 rounds of ammunition, 2 days’ of ration and a full pack. The rowing boats had carried the Anzacs from Egypt to these shores.

Landing at this position was not expected by the Turkish command and they had placed most of its soldiers at Gaba Tepe, 3,5 km to the south on a headland. Because Gaba Tepe was a logical and expected site for invasion. If the landing had been at Gaba Tepe, Australian casualties number would have been higher.

In a few minutes the first Australians from Ari Burnu were seen on plateau and then fanned out towards the next ridge. 700 Turks opposed 4000 Australians. Australian soldiers were disoriented because of the hills and inhospitable area. New Zealanders landed around 10:30 and rushed into help the Australians.

Due to inadequate Allied reinforcement, ridge was taken but recaptured by Turks. During the all day and afternoon battle raged with big courage displayed on both sides. Turks were outnumbered but they sacrificed their lives against the Anzacs.

Ari Burnu cemetery lies between cliff under the plateau and beach and it is almost 1000 m northwest of Lone Pine. It was begun during the campaign and was used throughout the occupation. Today there are 253 commonwealth serviceman of the World War I buried and some commemorated in Ari Burnu cemetery. 211 of casualties are identified. This cemetery covers an area of 1824 sq meters.